Lets Pretend that Both Our Lips are Made of Candy

My name is Serena and this is where I belong, with people like you. Even though all of you are way too awesome to even be on the same site as me. I don't fit anywhere else. On Tumblr, I feel like the gaping hole in my heart is filled. Sometimes I feel like I just want to curl up in a ball and die, but you guys help me and show me that what keeps me alive is passion and love. Thank you for that. I know I'm INCREDABLY annoying so if I bother you I apologize in advance. I love every single person on this dumb site and I wish I could jump through the screen and tell you how amazing of a person you are because no matter how many times you doubt yourself you are so much, SO much more. I will ALWAYS be here for you friend. :)

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